Top 10 Laravel Development Tools in 2021

November 2, 2020

Best Tools For Laravel Development

Laravel is one of the quickest growing and maturing frameworks for PHP. It is highly utilized as the Laravel packages, providing the developers access to all the framework’s functionalities and features.

The advantages of the Laravel framework that attracts the developers to utilize it because it enables hosting of applications, database migration, routing, tests, views, and other functions that are quite helpful and are available in Laravel packages.

Even there are many approaches, and one can save time and effort with functional tasks. Laravel developers will require powerful tools to code swifter and create practical applications at the same time.

However, Laravel offers a picture-perfect development processing experience for developers’ types and categories without compromising the essential features and functionalities. Furthermore, it is easily accessible while providing the tools required for creating robust, effective, and scalable applications.

Significance of Laravel Framework 

Laravel Web Development within an integrated PHP web framework is an exclusively applied framework for tailor-made software development projects. The laravel framework has the required and elegant syntax, which is reasonably expressive. And tools for Laravel Development can further assist your development teams who are involved with different projects. 

Let’s explore some of the best tools laravel development tools in 2021 with no trouble easy to get to for Laravel developers and Laravel development companies.

Here is Valuable and Best Laravel Development Tools:


Both Bitbucket and GitHub provide Git services and are much similar, but relying on the project’s structure and demands require picking between the two tools.

If you are developing small enterprise projects using the Laravel framework, it is recommended to utilize BitBucket. With BitBucket, you can stay away from sharing the code repositories. You can have a restricted number of collaborators, and for the requirement to enable private repositories, BitBucket is the best choice.

All the plans in BitBucket offer limitless access to the private repository while facilitating a maximum of 5 collaborators in the current free program.

Nevertheless, for open source projects, the accessibility of having limitless collaborators in GitHub makes it the best option for the developers working around the Laravel framework.

The Git repository is simple to pull and push coded while it automatedly merges the code with modifications and tracking of time.

2) PhpStorm

PhpStorm is the smart IDE that best fits with the Laravel framework. PHPStorm runs seamlessly; it has intelligent code navigation, facilitates quick and safe refactoring, simple debugging, and testing. Also, it is a powerful code formatter.

IDE is a vital part of developing as it boosts the developer’s overall productivity and saves time at debugging the codes. Many developers utilize PHPStorm for their flawless performance. 


In the Laravel framework, migration is the highly controlled version of the precise database that enables your development team to adapt to it and share the applied application’s database schema.

It is paired with a schema builder, and so the database schema can be effortlessly built. Also, the migration tool will quickly solve the issues faced by your developers. So, as a development team, if you do not need to share the complete SQL dump with a developer in the group, migration will even help you do that easily.

4) Laravel Debugger

Laravel Debugbar tool is made for debugging the Laravel application. The debugger for Laravel is showcased at the bottom of the browser and offers the debug details. The queries tab of the debugger showcases the number of queries that have been explicitly fired.

It also showcases the route being called and the templates rendered with the length of the passed parameter. The developers can also add messages utilizing Façade, which appears beneath the ‘Message’ tab.


With Entrust, it is a secured procedure of adding diverse role-based permissions. It has four fresh tables, which comprise Role, Role User, Permissions as well as Permission Role. These roles are being set up using categories at diverse levels.


Laravel Backup is one of the powerful tools in Laravel for those who offer Laravel Web Development Services. It builds a backup of all the files that are utilized right in the application.

The backup is built with a zip file with all the files right in the directories you have mentioned. It even has all the dump of your database present in the project directory. This Laravel Backup tool’s valuable feature is that the backup can be explicitly stored on any of the file-systems.


For security purposes, web applications need users for verification. For enabling this process email address of the user is necessary prior to the use of the application. This tool facilitates the user with the methodologies for sending and verifying the explicit user.

A verification link is sent straight to the user on the email id with which he has registered. No force re-implantation is needed for every application.


Laravel Socialite is the Laravel framework tool that allows the ideal approach to managing authentications. Among the many Laravel functionalities, this one enables the user to login through social networking sites such as Facebook, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, GitHub, and BitBucket.


Right from the command line, the stakeholders can communicate and interact with the project that is utilizing the Laravel framework. With this tool called Tinker, one can use all the available events and objects. This is an elective add-on that needs to be manually installed for diverse Laravel versions right after 5.4.


For enabling the application of Google’s ‘reCaptcha’ validation and projection, this tool is needed. This facilitates Google to shun away the possible spams. For NoCaptcha, it is required to get an API key right from the reCapthca.

Why You Have to Choose Laravel?

Laravel is an important member of a new generation of effective web frameworks. The recognition of Laravel web development is on the rise because of its far-fetched features, which include promptness, intuitiveness, cost-effectiveness, and that it delivers scalable projects. 

Laravel precisely follows a Model-view-controller architecture. The MVC architecture benefits make Laravel the best PHP framework to utilize for your diverse and complex web development projects. MVC architecture offers built-in functionalities that developers can apply at their best while creating your web applications. Laravel Development offers swifter time-to-market, authentication, and authorization functionalities. A step further, Laravel Framework is a strong pillar for all types of web application development projects.

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Key Takeaways :

So, the Laravel framework provides a smooth development experience for developers to work on custom-defined functional tasks. Here, we have listed the top tools used by our Laravel teams to optimize the overall productivity through our projects. You can select the best Laravel Development Tools by considering your project needs and technology requirements. These tools will be valuable when enabling functional tasks swifter with successful project outcomes.

Using these tools, a Laravel web development company can initiate working on any of the projects of Laravel with quite ease. They can enjoy the benefits of the Laravel framework working with these useful tools. Laravel Development Company India offers the best Laravel development services worldwide. We have expert and specialized Laravel development teams that enable different projects for our varied clientele.

Suggest us some more tools you find exciting and straightforward to work within today’s development environment. Feel free to contribute with your opinions and recommendations right in the comments section below.

LDCI Written By: Kosha Shah

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