CodeIgniter vs Laravel – Which one is Better?

August 10, 2020

Codeigniter vs Laravel

Developers today often have to build highly complicated web applications and web portals. While it may seem part of a job, the reality is that after a certain level of intricacy, developing websites and apps can prove quite a hassle and take much of the involved stakeholder’s time. It has led to the requirements for establishing a structured approach of development which can be best catered by PHP frameworks.

However, programmers face a tricky query when it comes to PHP frameworks: Which technology or development structure should they select for their upcoming projects? It is essential developers choose a framework that fits the client’s business and technology needs; otherwise, the basic foundation of the site or web application will not be strong. While there are some options obtainable, the preference is often amid Laravel and CodeIgniter. So, allow us to recommend some use of CodeIgniter and some use of Laravel for making the right decision.

What is Laravel?

It is an effective open-source platform extensively used and applied as a PHP framework. The platform is developed to enable web application by utilizing MVC architectural patterns. The platform was released and launched under the MIT license. So, its source code is rightly hosted on GitHub. It is a trustworthy PHP framework as it follows significant and precise language rules. So LDCI is the best laravel company in India for your requirements.

What is CodeIgniter?

It is a consistent PHP framework and is developed for those developers who like an easy to work and well-designed toolkit to build fully-featured applications. CodeIgniter is one of the preferred options for building dynamic web portals utilizing PHP.

It offers freedom to the users as they don’t require relying right on the MVC development pattern. Besides, it facilitates 3rd party plugins which can be practical to put into practice multifaceted functionalities. It also provides effective security and encryption processes.

Difference between CodeIgniter and Laravel

Parameter                         Laravel                       CodeIgniter
Built-in Modules
Developed with built-in modularity functionalities enabling developers to separate a project into smaller modules by the bundle.
Don’t provide built-in modularity functionalities. Hence, developers are required to generate and sustain modules through Modular Extension.
Template Engine and API Building
It facilitates straightforward but robust template engines such as Blade. Blade template engine enables PHP programmers to easily optimize the performance of web applications through enhancement of views.
Don’t provide a built-in template engine. The developers are needed to integrate it with a template engine tool such as smarty. This assists in conducting familiar tasks and perks up the performance of websites.
Template LanguageBlade Template Engine
PHP Proprietary
Database Model
Relational Object Oriented
Object Oriented
Development Paradigm
Component Oriented
Object Oriented Event Driven Functional
Backing of other DBMS
Backs Microsoft SQL Server, ORACLE, MYSQL, IBM DB2, PostgreSQL Orientdb, and JDBC compatible.
Backs PostgreSQL, MySQL, Microsoft BI, & MongoDB. However, CodeIgniter also backs DB2, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle and others.
Popularity & current trends
Laravel is extremely popular. With its significant coding style it is favored by experienced developers.
It provides ease of use in 2.x, and consequently, web developers choose CodeIgniter.
Structure and Updates
It follows the required MVC structure of filing. And it enables the command-line tool known as the Artisan.
It comes with MVC structure and offers effortless on-boarding. The structure was loosely dependent on Object-oriented Programming. Nevertheless, many developers utilized it as per requirements.
Sustain RESTful API
RESTful Controllers facilitates developers to produce a range of REST APIs without investing added time.
CodeIgniter does not allow rationalized development of REST APIs.
Online assistance & Libraries
Provide official documentation which is extremely detailed and useful. You can also get added assistance from built-in functionalities, and their web portal comes with a helpful guide that can be applied without much prior acquaintance.
HTTP BackingIt enables developers to specify tailored HTTPs routes. The programmers can also build a URL for every HTTPS route.It does not back HTTPS entirely. So, programmers can utilize URLs to keep the data transmission safe by generating pats.
The authentication Class feature offered by Laravel makes it simpler for programmers to enable authentication and its rules.
It doesn’t come with built-in authentication functions. Developers require authenticating and authorizing users by writing tailored extensions.
Unit Testing
It enables developers to check-out the app code meticulously and constantly with the assistance of PHPUnit.
Don’t have in-built testing tools. So, programmers are required to utilize added unit testing tools to enable the quality of the app and code.
Learning Curve
Provides many added features which are tough to learn for beginners.
The beginners find it simpler to learn and utilize.
Stack Overflow questions
96.7 k
606. k
GitHub Stars
45.5 K16.5 K
Average Salary
The average salary for Laravel developers isiht around $71,459 per year.The average salary for CodeIgniter developers is around $47,753 per year.
Well-known Companies utilizing the product
9GAG, Geocodio, UnionBuffer, Webedia, Machester

Why Utilize Laravel?

Features of Laravel

  • Provides version control system that assists with simplified management of migrations
  • Facilitates modular packaging along with composer dependency manager
  • Backs Eloquent ORM, the modernized ActiveRecord implementation for enablement on DB
  • Maintains DBMS platforms such as PostgreSQL, MySQL, and SQLServer
  • Provided useful features such as blade templating engine
  • Backs artisan command with support of sample codes line interface
  • Has excellent documentation
  • Enables enforcing of constraints amid DBM objects by modern query builder mechanism
  • Has auto-loading function, so you don’t need physical maintenance or inclusion paths
  • The framework assists you to create new tools with the assistance of a LOC container

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Why Utilize CodeIgniter?

Features of Codelgniter

  • Effective support and instant answers provided by community support
  • Enables you to the cached website for enhanced performance and loading times
  • Comprehensible and fully structured documentation
  • Provides improved stability with required supports
  • It provides and delivers an easy routing method

Advantages of Laravel

  • Trouble-free to explore and utilize
  • Swift application creation and execution
  • Easily accessible documents
  • Secure and robust performance
  • Bundled modularity enables easy reuse of code 
  • CLI enabled modernized tools are used to carry out vital tasks and migrations
  • Blade template feature boosts the speed of engine
  • Reverse routing provision is an effective benefit 

Disadvantages of Laravel 

  • Some parts of the platform are not tried and tested efficiently 
  • Possess minor bugs which need to be resolved by Laravel team 
  • Legacy system transformation is not simple 
  • The platform is slow for developers to adapt
  • Community support and backing is not as effective as other platforms
  • Less experienced programmers face challenges with this platform

Advantages of CodeIgniter

  • No requirement for developers to run pages of code and need to program only imperative things as there are numerous resources to support and boost the processes
  • Architecture is undemanding and novice developers can work without problems
  • Enables MVC framework – Separation of code and its presentation is straightforward
  • The input class offers server-side validation effortlessly, and scrubbing of user input is easy to manage 
  • It is uncomplicated to build readable SQL statements utilizing an active record

Disadvantages of CodeIgniter 

  • Deficient of composer integration
  • Active record is creditable, but there are some scenarios when it is not suited entirely, and the coding requires to be repeated
  • Devoid of the authentication method in opposition to the active directory
  • Code is not fully compatible with most recent versions of the PHP

Key Takeaways

Which is the best – CodeIgniter or Laravel? To summarize this, we can say both of these PHP frameworks have their significance and benefits. However, it exclusively relies on your project and which one you should choose. Regardless of that, we can state that Laravel has some edge when matched to CodeIgniter due to its modernized features. 

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LDCI Written By: Kosha Shah

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