What are the Key Features of Laravel Frameworks?

August 10, 2020

Features of Laravel Frameworks

If you are not familiar or well versed in the programming language, you might wonder how a web application functions. What all happens behind the user interface? In this blog post, let us understand and discover what Laravel is, why Laravel is the best framework in 2020, why to use the Laravel framework and its various useful features.

Briefly, Laravel is a PHP based framework considered one of the most important innovations for the world of programming. It follows the MVC pattern and makes custom web app development an easy process. Introduced and developed by Taylor Otwell in 2011, and immediately Laravel gained traction among the developer’s community and became one of the favourites among other PHP frameworks in the market. The driving force for Laravel is the agile development approach.

Quick Development of Web Applications 

Laravel enables quick development of web apps that are stable and efficient. Additionally, the applications developed over Laravel are easy to maintain and upgrade with a modular and extensible code, which is easily understandable to both experienced and naïve developers.

If you are with us until here and need more reasons to switch to the Laravel framework, let us dive in to understand the Laravel framework’s top features.

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Top Features of Laravel Framework:

1) Authentication and Authorization Technique

Authentication ensures that the person claiming to be someone if genuine and authorization gives the privilege/ access to certain features. With the Laravel framework’s help, you can place authorization logic and restrict non-authorized actions and control entry to a resource database.

2) Object-oriented Libraries

Libraries are an essential resource for developers when it comes to faster coding. The object-oriented libraries in Laravel come with object-oriented coding language. On the other hand, Laravel also has pre-installed libraries that act as a one-stop solution and can resolve any coding issues.

3) MVC Architecture

Model, View, and Controller (MVC) are the architectural patterns used for developing a user interface to segregate the private information needed to carry out the program. Hence, each section, i.e., Model, View, and Controller, individually handle each application aspect.

Most of the web app frameworks follow MVC architecture because of its ease of understanding and implementation.

4) Security

Security concerns always arise in users’ minds while using the application, and hence it becomes a developer’s foremost priority to address the security aspects of the application.

Laravel Framework takes data security seriously and uses a hashed password and SQL injection attacks to keep the data safe.

5) Artisan

Artisan is a type of command-line interface that enables developers to avoid repetition of code. All the repetitive tasks are performed automatically with the help of a command-line tool.  

Additionally, it can create skeleton codes, databases, and allow developers to create their commands based on their requirement.

6) Template Engine

With the help of template language, a template Engine allows you to implement static files along with the application. Blade Template Engine offered by Laravel works seamlessly with both HTML and PHP.

7) Great Tutorials

Laravel keeps on enhancing its features, and so they are published frequently. By enrolling in their online tutorial’s developers can keep themselves updated with the new trends that arise in the software development arena.

Laravel tutorials come handy as they explain the usability of its wide range of features the framework offers.

8) Data Migration

Transferring a database from one platform to another for various reasons is a tedious task usually, but with Laravel – data migration is a loT easier process.

9) Multiple File System

An extensive file system is always preferred because it allows bifurcation of the storage of comprehensive data.

Laravel’s multiple file system makes the application building process much more comfortable and hassle-free.

10) Scheduling Tasks

In general, the OS of a device performs schedules so that the system performs efficiently. Similarly, in Laravel – task scheduler is available to execute regular and configured tasks periodically.

11) Eloquent ORM

Object Relational Mapping (ORM) is a technique used to convert incompatible data into a compatible one with object-oriented programming. This transformation creates a virtual database that can be accessed from within the programming language itself.

Laravel’s ORM system allows developers to edit/ create databases using PHP only. This feature keeps the integration part simple, especially when creating vast applications.

12) Testing

Testing is a highly crucial part of the development process. It is as essential as any other task in the development phase. Testing can be carried out in diverse ways – Unit-testing and command-line utility testing.

Laravel framework provides these testing options to ensure the final output of the application is flawless. Some of the tests available in Laravel can detect regression and also gives a solution to prevent those.

13) Caching

Generally, Cashing is the temporary storage of data as it reduces the load on the database server. Laravel’s cashing facility features a unified API that interacts with various caching backends. Laravel also supports different caching backends such as Memcached and Redis.

14) Routing Configuration

Laravel can assist you in the configuration process as it hosts client-server routing efficiently.

15) Programming Task Configuration

Configuration and managing tasks ensure smooth functioning and no delays in executing the tasks. As most of the functions are assigned a deadline, deadlines must be met efficiently. With Laravel in place, managing and configuring jobs become easy.

16) Easy Installation

Difficulty in installing an application is a turn-off for most users. The app installation process is expected to be simple and with minimal effort so that any user can install the app instantly and take advantage of the offer/ service.

Apps developed using Laravel are easy to install, hence one of the popular frameworks.

17) Community Support

If you face a problem during the development process, you can always look up to the community forums and discussions to refer and find a solution. 

Why to Use the Laravel Frameworks?

There are many reasons Laravel is favored by most of the developers. Laravel is an agile web application development framework that focuses on minimizing the development stages from writing code from scratch for a new application to publishing it. All the standard processes in a building application such as database interaction to Authentication/ Authorization to emails to caching are more straightforward and make the job of a developer more accessible and quicker.

To add to the convenience it provides, Laravel comes with a consistent API and the apparent structure around the framework, making the new tasks on Laravel workable and smooth. To make it short Laravel framework comes with an entire ecosystem that is perfect for building and launching applications and is a savior for the developers.

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Why is Laravel the Best?

As we are about to conclude this article, we hope you have answered the most asked question – Why is Laravel the Best? Collectively all of the above features have made Laravel lead the rest of the PHP frameworks.

Furthermore, Laravel has gained enough momentum over the years. The craze to learn and use it in the web app development projects is increasing immensely, especially for modular applications with the least possible efforts.

Key Takeaways :

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