Future of Laravel in Web Development

August 21, 2020

Future of Laravel in Web Development

PHP is a popular programming language that meets the requirements of businesses ranging from small to large. And Laravel is an open-source PHP framework used for web development through MVC architectural patterns based on Symfony. Apart from being a free framework, Laravel is power-packed with a lot of features like scalability, credible code, accurate language rules, extending capacity with the help of modules, and quick turnover. In this blog, you will know the top reasons why Laravel has a bright future in web development.

For creating high performing web applications, Laravel is the ideal framework to consider. 

Why Laravel has an Extremely Bright Future in Web Development?

  • Template Engine:

Laravel’s creative build-in templates are lightweight and help in creating outstanding layouts using dynamic content seeding. The various widgets are useful in incorporating CSS and JS code with a strong structure.

  • Eloquent Object-Relational Mapping (ORM):

This simple PHP Active Record implementation helps PHP web programmer issue database queries quickly with PHP syntax. Hence it eliminates the need to write SQL code. ORM is vouched for its speed compared to any other PHP framework.

  • Artisan:

PHP programmers avoid performing tedious and repetitive tasks frequently for this Artisan comes in handy. Laravel developers can develop a database structure, a skeleton code, and manage the database system hassle-free, with this developer can also create their commands.

  • MVC Architecture Support:

Laravel follows the MVC pattern architecture and improves performance and documentations. It also offers many in-built features for creating PHP services.

  • Libraries & Modular:

Laravel is readily available with pre-installed libraries, including Object-Oriented libraries that are not found in any other PHP frameworks.

  • Database Migration:

Data Migration over the Laravel migration system is not risky. You need not worry regarding the loss of data during the migration process. Laravel efficiently expands the structure of a database of the web application. With the Laravel Schema Builder’s help, you can easily create the database table and insert indices and columns.

  • Unit Testing:

During an update to a web app, there are chances of errors when the changes are applied. Laravel is smart enough to identify the potential failures and runs tests to ensure that the new changes implemented by the programmers do not end up with an error potentially disturbing the functionality of the web app. The process of writing unit-tests code with Laravel is straightforward as well.

  • Security:

The PHP framework uses the “Bcrypt Hashing Algorithm” to create encrypted passwords. Similarly, Laravel uses hashed and salted passwords, and hence they are not saved as plain text in the database. Encryption feature plays a vital role in enabling security.

  • Task Scheduling:

Laravel’s amazing task scheduling feature allows programmers to perform and execute tasks periodically. It helps in scheduling every job on the server and commands as well as completes tasks right from Laravel. Not only is this scheduling of the task easy, it just requires a single Cron entry into the server.

  • Event & Broadcasting:

In the digital era, live broadcasting and events are the ones that capture everyone’s attention. The integration of live broadcasting adds an authentic relationship between client and web server. Laravel offers event and broadcasting features along with other advanced features to create an advanced web application. It is actually said to be one of the superior and best features for real-time web applications in any of the PHP frameworks.

  • Routing Configuration:

Laravel’s routing confirmation ensures the router is compatible with other essential features/ components within the network and hosts any server routing comfortably. Laravel’s primary routes function only by accepting URL and a closure. The routing configuration by Laravel protects your application from cross-site request forgeries.

  • Pagination:

Organizing and keeping track of multiple data from various frameworks is difficult as it requires numbering each page in the document and enabling data to read faster. Paging makes it easy to locate and use the data as and when needed.

Laravel has an in-built paginator to perform this task. For enabling the accuracy and flexibility of the database’s use, the paginator is integrated with ORM and query builder.

  • Easy to Learn:

Laravel releases new updates every day, and everything changes the next day. It might be to be updated with all the latest releases. But developers are required to know the newest version and trend and learn them as soon as possible.

Laravel has numerous tutorials and online courses available, which developers can refer to when required. These courses are a combination of paid and free, which varies on various skill levels ranging from beginner to advance. The best thing is Laravel presents and explains every new feature in-depth and how to use them in the app development process.

  • Budget-Friendly:

One of the essential thing businesses consider when starting a new project is the cost factor, businesses small or large always consider the price and the return over the investment. Laravel, compared to any other programming language, costs less money, and the turnaround time is also less.

  • Future of Laravel:

With the many features and strong community support, Laravel continues to be one of the most preferred PHP frameworks. The simplicity, clarity, functionality, and adaptability of Laravel make Laravel web developers one of the most in-demand professionals. Laravel is versatile as it addresses all kinds of web-related projects ranging from easy to the most complex for businesses. As the demand continues to grow, Laravel is evolving and getting better with each new update and release.

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Significance of Laravel in Web Development

The features of the Laravel framework are beneficial to both the web developers and also to the users. Over the years, Laravel has evolved to a level where it is preferred by most of the businesses that want to develop interactive websites and web applications. 

  • Improves Website Performance:

The performance of the website is the most critical factor a developer keeps in mind while developing a web app as the performance of the site is directly connected to the seamless operation of the app and helps the business to meet the bottom line. Laravel’s enhanced cashing speed improves the web application catching rate and increases website performance.

  • Eloquent ORM:

Enables developers’ smooth interaction of an application and its database, making it possible for developers to convert the data amid incompatible system types and easing the database handling process.

  • Future-Ready:

The huge developer’s community helps develop and enhance, so keep up with the industrial trends and demand.

  • Multilingual:

Multilingual sites are always a preference as it addresses a broad demographic of users as businesses are benefited from it. Laravel makes the development process of a multilingual site hassle-free.

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Key Takeaways :

As mentioned above, we are sure you will also agree that Laravel is one of the top web development frameworks. It makes the process of developing compelling websites faster and better. Whether you are a start-up or own an enterprise-level business, Laravel will address all business transactions’ needs.

The flawlessness of Laravel is something we can vouch for as it accommodates the bulk volume of requests received from the end-users without any disruption throughout the process.

LDCI is one of the best Laravel development service provider company. The craze for Laravel is increasing day by day, and we recommend it for building intuitive web applications. We hope that by now, you know what the future of Laravel looks like and the importance of Laravel in the web development processes.

LDCI Written By: Kosha Shah

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