What’s New in Laravel 8?

February 2, 2021

Laravel 8 New Features

Laravel’s ingenious framework has always been a source of inspiration to developers. The features of this amazing platform have only gotten better and better to facilitate customized application creation. There’s no doubt that Laravel 8 has come with a host of awaited features. Building on an already creative base, the platform has introduced some noticeable features that can prove to be immensely useful for Laravel users.

The latest features of laravel 8 include Laravel Jetstream, migration squashing, models directory, model factory, time testing helpers, rate-limiting improvements, and dynamic blade components. Other than these trailblazing features, other new changes of smaller magnitude have also been introduced.

A comprehensive list of Laravel 8 features

Let us look at the most useful new features in laravel 8 that call for your attention.

  1. Laravel Jetstream

    Introduced as one of the most exciting features, Laravel Jetstream provides new scaffolding options. By bringing TailwindCSS and TailwindUI into use, it creates room for a hassle-free Laravel using experience. It does a great job being a part of the Laravel new version, from login and registration to a two-step authentication and session management process.

    artisan jetstream: install livewire
    artisan jetstream: install inertia

  2. Model Factories

    The model factories jump in to redefine the otherwise limited space that Laravel can offer. They bring in a diverse and variety of new features to Laravel 8 by acting like simple class-based factories. This scenario is an all-new idea introduced in Laravel 8 as there was no concept of class-based factories in previous versions.

  3. Rate Limiting

    This feature seems to have crawled in as an absolute necessity, and it indeed turns Laravel 8 into a more user-friendly experience. Limiting the usage of your routes is a lot easier using the rate-limiting feature. The introduction of this feature has created a lot of buzzes, and we hope developers see the best of Laravel with these new features.

  4. The All New Landing Page

    An all-new landing page is another interesting change that Laravel 8 flaunts. Bringing TailwindCSS into use, it is now open to both light-mode and dark-mode displays. SaaS products and communities are now easily accessible by virtue of this re-designed landing page, and that is one good reason to include it in the list of laravel 8 new features.

  5. Route Caching

    Bringing together all your routes in a PHP array is now made possible through the route caching feature. This compilation makes it easier for you to access and work with different routes, which makes the process a lot more time-saving and efficient. In the all-new Laravel 8, closures are not interference for this feature.

                 Route::get('/components', function ( ) {
                           return view('button');
  6. Syntax for Event Listening

    Although this isn’t a new feature, it has undoubtedly made it better to avoid the hassle of long and cumbersome syntaxes like those in the previous Laravel versions. The syntax for Laravel 8 is a lot more comfortable to use and clean.

  7. Maintenance Mode

    Maintenance mode is a developer’s delight as it helps you fix bugs conveniently while taking down the site for users. Through a secret cookie, developers can now efficiently make changes to a webpage/application by using the maintenance mode. Debugging and effective testing are now quick possibilities. Developers think that this is an essential feature for introducing new apps in the market.

  8. Schema Dumping

    Schema Dumping helps squash migrations as you hold them together in one file. This feature enables you to maintain the entire schema in one place. This data is stored in SQL form. Through this simple feature, you can easily integrate developers on a large project. Postgres, SQLite, and MySQL support are another great feature that makes it to the Laravel latest version.

    artisan schema:dump --prune

  9. Backoff Strategy

    Preparing for Laravel 8 has been quite a journey, and the last feature that we think makes Laravel 8 an instant hit is the Backoff Strategy. By bringing exponential Backoff Strategy into use, you can now quickly bring down your job’s rate to an optimum and acceptable rate. So, when you’re interacting with external APIs, the Backoff Strategy can undoubtedly come to your rescue better than ever.

  10. Key Takeaways:

    With these ultimate features, the buzz around Laravel 8 has been real. The Laravel 8 release date has been speculated for a long time as we see developers remain keen on trying out these convenience inducing features. So, when you arrive at the question “What’s New in Laravel 8?” the answers seem to be quite fascinating.

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LDCI Written By: Kosha Shah

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