Top Laravel Development Trends to Follow in 2021

January 8, 2021

Laravel Development Trends

Laravel, a PHP-based application framework for web development, uses a fast-evolving approach to building modular web applications with higher security levels. It is fluent, comprehensive, user-friendly, and easy to learn as well as understand. It allows web applications to develop with a wide range of functions, from the simplest to the highest level. In addition to simplicity, the encoding experience also leads to flawless performance with the Laravel framework.

Laravel community knows that its outstanding features are essential for developing fast web applications, and its developers are extending these features and benefits by leveraging them. In a nutshell, the Laravel web development framework is gaining momentum and continues to become highly secure by using the best coding practices across the technology stacks.

Hence, Laravel Development is your go-to framework if you consider developing powerful and scalable web apps for your businesses in the shortest possible time.

Latest Trends in Laravel Development

The database migration, cloud storage, or database management, everything a single PHP framework can offer is provided by Laravel. It offers features that help you create attractive and easy web apps.

Using a web development framework like Laravel gives you the ability to develop applications with the same flexibility you will have when you use them. Laravel allows developers to program flexibly and take care of all important aspects of their application, such as database migration, cloud storage, database management, and much more.

As functionality and features determine your project’s performance, it is best enhanced with the Laravel framework. Hence, developers and users must focus on Laravel development trends to follow in 2021 to benefit largely from its modern features as well as functionalities.

Key Trends of Laravel Development

  • MVC (Model – View – Controller)

    Laravel uses the Model – View – Controller pattern, which is suitable for both designers and developers. Further, the MVC used by Laravel assists in comprehending business logic as well as user interface code.

  • Dependability

    Laravel has been widely accepted and used worldwide to create leading websites. With such acceptance, it is a trusted source for many developers. Hence, it is quick, efficient, secure, and dependable.

  • Innovations

    The market offers various PHP frameworks giving tough competition to opponents. Being the best among all, the Laravel framework even incorporates new and innovative features with time. Likewise, Laravel is continually adding new features to be at par with other competitors out there.

  • Safe & Secure

    Laravel is a highly safe and secure framework. It ensures protection against cyber threats and viruses. The platform has several built-in security features incorporated into the framework that safeguards your website or app from attacks or vulnerabilities. Keeping an eye on all the security alerts and updating it to the latest version as soon as it is available ascertains real-time security for the Laravel framework. With the latest security technology features, Laravel aims to give robust cybersecurity solutions.

  • Object-oriented Library

    Laravel has a unique object-oriented library which is not available in any other top PHP frameworks. This pre-installed library is exclusive to Laravel. Further, the object-oriented library backs as well as supports large data and heavy processing. This library also helps fulfill security functions as it even verifies the data.

  • Foundation for startups

    Laravel is not just great for established organizations, but in today’s time, when startups are rapidly coming up, Laravel is the best framework to establish and flourish new startups. Laravel can handle huge data that can help you reach markets easily and quickly and ensure the smooth running of diverse applications.

  • Improving PHP

    A transforming digital world can be very challenging as every organization ultimately aims to gain user interest and engagement, which leaves room for constant enhancements in web application development. Hence, to lead the market, everyone is trying to deliver the best. Hence, in the near future, PHP is set to scale heights in the rapid execution of code and memory utilization, which will bring in the role of Laravel as it is the most superior framework across PHP.

  • Future Prospects of PHP, Laravel, and IoT

    The Internet of Things or IoT brings networks together and allows devices with closed and private internet connections to communicate with each other. The IoT ecosystem consists of web-enabled smart devices used as embedded systems to collect, send, and edit data from the environment. IoT consists of several layers of technology that play a role in connecting things (IoT devices) easily and building applications that serve a clear goal.

    Laravel PHP framework is better adapted to IoT development, making it one of the best technology solutions. While Laravel development gains popularity around the globe, IoT will also use the services, and coupled together, PHP web development, Laravel, and IoT will be highly engaged in giving users the best view of the transforming digital world.

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  • The Latest Technology Version – Laravel 8

    The best part to look forward to Laravel development trends in 2021 is the latest updated Laravel 8 in September 2020. The new features and services offer enhanced the overall experience as well as the performance levels. Laravel 8 includes various features such as job batching, new model directory, Laraveljetstream, Laravel factory, schema dump, time traveler, dynamic blade component, and default pagination.

    Apart from these top laravel features, Laravel 8 also includes improvements in existing features like route caching, maintenance mode, rate limiting, PHP artisan serve, and other bug fixes.

Key Takeaways:

Now that we have discussed Top Laravel Development Trends and you’re equipped with the latest information in this regard. Your mind wanders to who would be best to cater to my organization’s needs and tailor-make my requirements.

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LDCI Written By: Kosha Shah

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