Key Difference Between Laravel and Node Js

November 3, 2020

Laravel vs Node

With so many technologies introduced in the 21st century, their primary purpose was to make the problem-solving of development projects effortless. Such technologies are intended to solve essential coding issues and challenges.

Laravel and NodeJS are two most modern web frameworks with their set of exclusive functionalities and features needed to resolve such technical problems. In this blog post, we will showcase the comparison of Laravel and Node JS.

What is Laravel?

Laravel is a highly resourceful and easy to understand open-source PHP framework. It deals and follows the design pattern of a precise model-view-controller. It utilizes current components from multiple frameworks that assist in developing a web application. The crafted web application is well-organized, competent, and realistic.

Laravel offers a superior collection of features that integrates the significant components of PHP frameworks like CodeIgniter, Yii and programming languages like Ruby on Rails.

If you have the know-how of Core PHP and Advanced PHP, Laravel will enable your project with enhanced productivity. Also, if you want to build a web application from scratch, then again, it saves a lot of effort and time. In addition, a Laravel-built web app project is completely safe and protected from web attacks.

Top Key Features of Laravel

  1. Support of MVC Architecture: Laravel enables MVC architecture pattern, facilitating separation amid business logic and precise presentation layers. The MVC pattern has multiple built-in features, improves the overall application performance, and enhances protection as well as actual usability.

  2. Template Engine: Laravel framework is extensively known for its superior built-in lightweight templates that are utilized to create unique layouts by seeding engaging and interactive content. It even provides stable structures with numerous widgets integrating CSS as well as JS code. Laravel templates are shaped innovatively to craft straightforward but multifaceted layouts with unique segments.

  3. Security: The Laravel framework offers robust protection for different categories of web applications. It applies a hashed and salted password scheme so that the precise password can never be stored right in the operating database in the form of plain text. Additionally, it utilizes the “Bcrypt Hashing Algorithm” to generate an encrypted password. This web development framework for PHP uses structured SQL statements that put off attacks using SQL injection.

  4. Database Migration Solutions: Laravel migration solutions aim to widen the application’s overall database structure without having to re-generate every time a code modification occurs. Because of such functionalities, the data loss risks are minimal. This scenario offers the benefit of transforming the overall structure of the database and utilizing PHP code instead of SQL. The Laravel Schema Builder assists in creating tables for the database and quickly attaches indices or columns.

Advantages of Laravel

  • Best framework applicable for PHP developers
  • Swift and easy to understand with crisp documentation that turns PHP and Laravel the top choice
  • It gets rids of the requirements to write HTML codes, precisely based on the MVC template
  • Supported through ORM, helps in abstraction as well as automation
  • Effortless integration of logic along with a blade design engine right in the website
  • It enables dependency injection functions for rapid testing as well as automation.

Disadvantages of Laravel

  • It possesses no built-in software and requires 3rd party integration to craft customized websites
  • Laravel is astonishingly slow, and programmers need being an expert at PHP prior to operating right on Laravel

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What is Node JS?

Node.js is a precise open-source, cross-platform runtime environment created to develop server-side applications. It already has built-in JavaScript programs that can be executed and run right on OS X, Microsoft Windows as well as Linux within Node.js runtime.

It also offers an exceptional library of a range of JavaScript modules, which significantly make straightforward web application development utilizing Node.js.

Node.js was initiated when JavaScript developers extended it from running in the browser to running it in the form of a stand-alone program right on your desktop.

In the current scenario, with the help of JavaScript, you can do more than just creating or making websites engaging and interactive. JavaScript now has the prospective to do things other scripting languages like Python could do.

Top Key Features of Node JS:

  1. Event-Driven and Asynchronous: All Node.js library APIs are event-driven and asynchronous. Fundamentally, it entails a server based on Node.js, which is never waiting for an API to facilitate and return the data. When called, the server switches to the subsequent API, and Node.js Events notification functionality makes the server get a solution from the initial API call.

  2. Single-Threaded and Scalable: Node.js utilizes a single-threaded model of looping events. The event mechanism lets the server react right in a non-blocking style and provides the server highly scalable instead of traditional servers that offer limited threads precisely for handling requests. Node.js uses a single-threaded program, and the program can manage a higher number of requests than standard servers such as Apache HTTP Server.

  3. Object-oriented: Classes are integrated right into the system with the release and common acceptance of ES6, and the code looks syntactically similar to C #, Java, as well as SWIFT.

  4. Cross-platform: It is cross-platform and can also be enabled into an executable form incorporating dependencies when built with the right structure.

Advantages of Node JS

  • Total application performance generated while using node is better than other applications.
  • It performs efficiently and effectively when creating APIs
  • Node comes with an excellent package manager
  • It offers enormous and vast user group support
  • Swift and uncomplicated handling of consequent requests through users

Disadvantages of Node JS

  • It needs asynchronous programming, which is not quickly learned by all developers and is tough to handle
  • As it is single-threaded, it doesn’t work effectively with different CPU intensive devices

Key Differences of Laravel vs. Node JS in 2021

LaravelNode JS
It is working very well in the business areas of shopping business, career, education, and other multiple industries.It is mostly utilized across arts, entertainment, telecom, electronics, and automobile industry.
In multiple countries such as Poland, Indonesia, the Netherlands, Turkey, and other 118 countries, Laravel is extensively used.Node JS leads the race in the USA, Russia, Brazil, China, and other 89 nations.
It is precise for MySQL and Maria DB based applications.It is precisely made to work with Express JS and is highly accurate for MongoDB.
The Laravel frameworks’ templates are efficiently shaped to build and offer a common layout with particular sections.There are no built-in templates; however, it can be attained through 3rd party tools built to integrate into Node JS easily.
It does not possess an IO model, as it is merely a PHP framework.It utilizes a non-blocking, event-driven IO model that makes it valuable and effortless.
If you require a comprehensive system to manage a massive website – based on CMS, better go with Laravel.If you require a service-based architecture that is compacted, better go with Node JS.
It uses the “Bcrypt Hashing Algorithm” to generate an encrypted password representation.As open-sourced, the npm community provides several productive packages.

Here are some FAQs with specific answers that will help you to judge and choose between Laravel or Node js.

  1. What is the better node js or Laravel?

    Answer:Both frameworks are considered exclusive and have their own advantages and drawbacks. It all relies on the specific nature of the product you want to build, that determines which platform is more suitable for product intricacy.

  2. Can I use Node js with Laravel?

    Answer:Sure, with Laravel, we enable projects as node js+angular for multi-player gaming tests and projects on a real-time basis. The back-end remains transparent right in the API and merely gets and submits requests swiftly to Node js and website.

  3. Is Node JS better than PHP?

    Answer:Node JS is somewhat a good substitute for PHP. However, it’s not a seamless substitute for all uses.

  4. Should I learn Laravel or node js in 2021?

    Answer:>Yes, you should explore and learn both in 2021.

  5. Is Laravel worth learning in 2021?

    Answer:Yes, it is worth learning as Laravel offers several significant development functionalities and numerous security features and will come with more advanced updates even in 2021.

  6. Is Node js easy to learn?

    Answer:Node. Js platform has JavaScript at the core and is listed among the best for beginner developers with simple syntax and its interpreted nature.

Key Takeaways:

Here, we saw the difference between Laravel and Node JS. We also explored the Pros and Cons of Laravel and Node JS. Both frameworks are unique and have their own technology benefits. It all depends on the category of the project you want to develop, which settles on which platform fits the project complexity.So, we recommend you to consider the nature of the project and select the framework accordingly. As technology specialists at Laravel Development Company India, we are always accessible to guide you on the correct framework for your projects and provide enhanced development assistance.

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