Why Should You Choose Laravel For Your Next Project?

May 20, 2021

Reasons To Choose Laravel

PHP frameworks have become very common over the last few years in the case of many websites. Despite this recent surge in popularity, there are very few PHP frameworks whose interest has gone up and will increase in upcoming years. Today, various websites are built using PHP frameworks, but only a handful of them can deliver the ideal experience to the users and the backend. This scenario is why many are confused with this choice. Even if you were to know that Laravel is the best PHP framework out there, you’d want to know why you should use Laravel.

This scenario is why it becomes quite essential for you to choose your PHP framework wisely. Selecting the proper framework can help you engage with a healthy website for years to come. This scenario is why 1.1 Million websites today run smoothly on Laravel. So let’s explore and take a look at some of the best reasons to choose Laravel today:

1. Your Privacy Will Never Fall Prey to Piracy

One of the major concerns that arise with any website today is how safe your information is. Laravel uses state-of-the-art Bcrypt hashing technology to ensure that your website is as secure as it can be. This technology consists of never saving any password onto the database. So, even if there were ever a breach, one wouldn’t be able to access your credentials easily.

Moreover, you can create restricted access areas with much ease and build a custom secure grid for your website through Laravel. This scenario becomes one of the significant benefits of choosing the Laravel framework.

2. Reduce Cost

Laravel is an open-source framework that doesn’t cost a penny to use. If you can develop a website using a PHP framework, you can create a competent website that can run smoothly as ever.

There is always the added option of hiring a Laravel framework developer. If you’re unsure of your prowess, this can be a perfect option for you. A good developer can unlock a world of features for you and make it much easier to develop your dream website. You will probably save a lot with a basic understanding of Laravel as you can then create a foundation, and an able developer could enhance your website for you at a reasonable cost.

3. Simple and Secure

Laravel brings with it two of the most desired traits of simplicity and security. Being among the top PHP frameworks, it is one that developers have got the hang of. The wide variety of built-in features and templates make it the most loved choice among developers. It is the ease of operation that makes it all the more recommendable. This simplicity enables Laravel developers to take on big website projects as they stick to promises made on the time front.

While talking about safety measures, Laravel’s features are secure and compatible with most websites. The data used is carefully protected and stays away from unwanted threats. With the help of a bcrypt learning algorithm, passwords and other confidential data are never saved in the system. So, if you’ve been wondering, “Is it worth learning Laravel in 2021?” we’re sure you’ve found your answer.

4. Manage your traffic better

A lot of frameworks do not give into traffic considerations. On the other hand, Laravel knows that a developing business means increasing online traffic. This simple approach answers your central question, “Is Laravel a good choice?” The platform handles website requests with lightning-fast speed. Making use of a queued messaging system makes sure that you can effectively manage your website. Proper control over cumbersome tasks helps your website perform a hundred times more efficiently. All these traits come together to bring down your hosting costs significantly. You are wondering what’s more? Your website servers stay healthy with the proper traffic management offered by Laravel. The efficiency of the platform in traffic management is undeniable.

5. Hassle-free third-party integrations

Undoubtedly, every website needs to establish connections with third-party applications. Despite this fact being basic, many PHP frameworks do not make room for easy third-party integrations. Unlike other competitors, Laravel allows hassle-free third-party integrations. Be it the need to connect with payment modes or marketing tools that your organization uses; the connection process is effective and smooth. That being said, Laravel makes minimal room for use-related issues as your website puts itself out there. Third-party apps are easily connected using Laravel’s clean APIs. So, you can go ahead and connect all the additional tools while your website continues to perform at its best. Laravel’s clean and organized approach turns website development into a treat for enthusiastic developers. With a platform that doesn’t push in excessive troubles with extra integrations and third-party applications, all your website development worries are taken care of by Laravel.

6. Optimum Website Performance

Laravel does its best to help developers achieve optimum website performance. Using the ideal caching process for your website, Laravel makes your site easier to load and keeps all lags and bugs away. It goes the right mile to boost the speed of your website. Besides this simple speed-related concern, it also dives deep into database indexing and memory use reduction to ensure your website creates the most user-friendly experience possible.

If you’ve been looking forward to parameters such as SEO adequateness and website speed while launching your website, Laravel proves to be the ideal answer. If you have been thinking – Is Laravel good for small projects? We are always happy to let you know that Laravel works well with all website designs.

Key Takeaways:
Whether you are an individual developer or a full-fledged web development company, Laravel stands tall as the precise solution for those on the lookout for the perfect PHP framework. These simple features have been carefully put in place to give this framework the right edge over the others. If you’ve been thinking about building the perfect website, we won’t blame you if Laravel is the name that instantly pops up in your head. So, contact us at laravel app development company india for your next project.

LDCI Written By: Kosha Shah

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